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Christmas Wishes

On days the boys are gone, I find myself having to turn the TV on to fill the quiet. Unfortunately half the time it happens to be a kids show because I feel like I don't get to watch them enough. Today happens to be one of these days. The boys are doing their Christmas with their mother tonight, so since I have time I have a Christmas to remember that I want to share.

This holiday season was one Sean and I was not looking forward to. Sean had a two week layoff that was coming right before Christmas and from Thanksgiving on most days Sean was being sent home since there wasn't enough work for everyone. We had bills to pay and even with Sean working consistently we were barely scrapping by. I was terrified, with Sean not working we were going to fall behind, how were we expected to provide anything for Christmas morning?

The boys had things they had been asking for since September and I had a pretty decent mental list going for everything they had been wishing for from the Beybl…

Dommie and his black eye

As I've said, Sean and I recently became foster parents. Dominick and Markus have always been part of our lives since Sean is cousin's with their mom. We babysat the two of them since Dom was born. For the past seven months since our two little buds came to live with us, we've been pretty accident free. Of course a three year old and a five year old are bound to get hurt at some point. They are boys; it's expected, but we never had anything bigger than a scratch are a bruise the size of a thumb print.

This past Sunday we had my sister-in-law Britt and her son Braeden came over for dinner. Sean was in heaven, goofing off with all three of the boys, while Britt and I were wrapping a few of the Christmas presents for the kids. All of a sudden, Sean comes barreling into the room demanding me to check Dom's eye. He quickly explained that as he was spinning Markus the other two spun behind him. Now, Mister Dominator tends to be a bit accident prone. He's always falli…

Hello there!

Well then, I think some introductions are in order. 

My name is Renee. I'm 22 years old and the third child born of four. I have two older sisters, Stephanie and Aurelie, and one little brother, Aaron.

I'm married to the most wonderful man in the world. Sean and I have known each other since childhood and have been together for six years and recently married last August.

We have two little kitties, whom we love dearly. they are now over a year old and the act just like any other 1 year old: loves attention and to play. Lucky and Levi are brothers that we adopted from the ASPCA November of 2011. We love them dearly.

Sean and I also recently became foster parents to our two little cousins, Dominick and Markus. Our lives are really hectic, but it's wonderful.

This blog is a glimpse into our family life and the struggles of two 22 year-olds with no parenting experience, attempting not to give these two little handsomes any future therapy sessions.

We are so happy and proud to…